The wood carving course is held throughout the year and also takes place for one person, each student follows a program personalized to the needs of his expressive and technical skills.

As the school of sculpture is located in Salento, in addition to the walnut and eucalyptus could not miss the king of the wood species: the olive tree hard wood with a strong personality, who breaks into your sculpture and enjoy a moment of distraction, perhaps due to fatigue, to take possession of your work up to total eclipse with the beauty of its grain always unique as fingerprints.

These characteristics make the sculpture course about the olive tree, a very special and unique course that provides unexpected emotions, especially when you see your own work completed.
Also in this course we will use both traditional and modern techniques, in fact you will learn both the use of various gouges than that of pneumatic hammer applied to the wood (a technique for many unknown).

This is not a course of traditional wood carving but a professional course of sculpture and sculptural techniques applicable to either an iconic work and a contemporary one, in fact, the course also aims to “liberate” the material of the wood and the contemporary artists who use it, from a only “craft” perspective.
On the other hand, here you will learn all the traditional techniques of wood processing, still necessary for the realization of the artefact and of a contemporary sculpture.

The course also consists of lectures about the history of sculpture selected from the stage or the problem you are facing in the realization of his work; to this it will be added hikes in places of special artistic and historical interest and scenic (crypts, megalithic sites, upstream architectures and archaeological parks and quarries).

Maestro Salvatore Rizzello remains available to students for six hours a day, divided as follows: Morning 8:30 to 12:30 – Afternoon 15:30 to 17:30. After this time the student may, however, continue his work.
For accommodation you can enjoy the many historic centre of Carpignano area.

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