The course in stone and marble carving is held throughout the year and also takes place for one person, each student follows a program personalized to the needs of his expressive and technical skills. The materials are varied, ranging from the famous local stone that gave voice to our baroque, great for beginners but not only, to the hard stone Soleto. The student will come in the study of sculpture with a rough draft that will be analyzed together with the teacher ; the first phase of work will use the techniques of traditional sculpture.

We will begin by recognizing a piece of stone suitable for your sculpture, then take the Scapezzano to “clean up“ the block to immerse themselves in the roughing stage with the use of beams, then we will go straight to the chisel and the scalpel to smooth  until you get use of Raspini for finishing and sanding and acids for polishing the work. The various stages of processing will be alternated with traditional sculpting techniques, with the use of modern diamond blade, the air hammer, grinders, wisks with several diamonds, etc.. In order to offer to the student the largest number of possible experiences on the material.

The course also consists of lectures on the history of sculpture selected from the stage, or the problem you are facing in the realization of your own work; to this it will be added hilkings in places of special artistic and historical interest and scenic(crypts, megalithic sites, upstream architectures and archaeological  parks and quarries).

Maestro Salvatore Rizzello remains available to students for six hours a day, divided as follows: Morning 8:30 to 12:30  -  Afternoon  15:30 to 17:30.  After this time the student may, however, continue his work.

For accomodation you can enjoy the many historic centre of Carpignano area.

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