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Hi everyone, I`m Salvatore Rizzello and I was born in 1977.

After getting a degree in the “Academy of Fine Arts” in Bologna I went back to my land: Salento; I live in Carpignano Salentino, small village belonging to the Salento`s old Greece (Grecia Salentina). Since 2002 I`m a full time sculptor and I take care of my school of sculpture “OFFARTDESIGN”.

I don`t remember as a child I wanted to be a sculptor, but I remember very well that wherever I was going I was collecting stones.

As high school I attended the “Liceo Artistico” where stone carving was the main subject in that time giving me the idea to become a sculptor and it induced me to attend the “Academy of Fine Arts”.

The first year I joined the course in sculpture at the Academy of Carrara where ,however, in my opinion I haven`t met what I expected. So the following year I enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where I was lucky enough to meet excellent teachers.

When, after graduation, I set foot back in Carpignano, I felt the need to start over, so I set to work immediately with the accurate idea of searching for a personal language that tells a new humanism, based on the integrity of the human being and his reunion with his mother: the nature.

In my adventure is essential to remind that I live and work in the Salento; from my sources I extract the idea of a communicative sculpture, which interacts with its environment and its history, where ancestral values are hidden, both material and spiritual, necessary for the rebirth of the modern man.

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